Another Bingo Hall to be demolished!

Another Bingo Hall to be demolished!The closure of bingo halls has become a common piece of news these days. A recent news talks about the demolition of the landmark bingo hall and a few other neighboring buildings to allow a major development in the Chorley town centre.

According to news, Gala Bingo and a few surrounding businesses could be ripped down as a part of the plan to redevelop the site in Market Street and High Street that got destroyed the previous year due to fire. The demolition crew had to even tear down the former Amalfi Italian Restaurant and Cash Converters after the blaze raged through the buildings and rendered an unsafe feeling.

The deputy leader of Chorley Council, Peter Wilson said that there are no firm options for the site. But, the council has more concerns in promoting the town centre and is looking out for unavailable sites as a part of drawing up their master plan for the future. They are looking forth for the growth of the town centre and wish to do something to maximize its potential.

Few guardian sources claim that the council has even contacted with the tenants of Gala who have a 99 year old lease land and Northern Trust who have a 999 year old lease for neighboring buildings that can be look into in regards for bringing forth something constructive out there.

The chairman of Chorley Traders Alliance – Malcolm Allen stated that most businesses will welcome this move. This land is in the prime location for Chorley Town Centre and due to the fire, a part of it remains empty after the fire. The demolished site has been something like an eyesore and being left absolutely empty did not seem to be a good idea. And, the place being redeveloped for retail and leisure was quite a good thing. Well, here goes another bingo hall, but well again it is to serve a good purpose.

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