Bingo does sharpen your Brain! (Part 1)

Bingo does sharpen your Brain! (Part 1)It’s no breaking news that bingo has been one of the most well liked games across the planet and it is continuing its legacy for ages. The fast paced, humongous jackpots and social aroma of the game magnetises loads and loads of people to online UK bingo halls all across the planet. Since, online bingo games always make their presence available, this has led to online bingo an even greater following than ever, most importantly free bingo games. It has been widely debated that the desk bound nature of bingo was a reason of real concern. People who have always played time and again were more likely to put on weight and develop a less energetic lifestyle.

This is all because of the hours used up seated while playing bingo. In spite of that, if that time has been spent exercising or doing something more strenuous, there was a possibility of bingo players might have upgraded their health, rather than impairing it. In contrast of this, a recent study of UK bingo players has revealed that bingo is a beneficial exercise for a human brain. It shoots up mental perception and sharpness. These results were seen not just in senior citizens, but in an extensive cross section of people who were compared to others in their own age cluster.

The study was done in a social infrastructure where half of the participants were given license to play bingo and the rest were not. When the study came to an end, all those players who have played had improved not only their memory, but brain activity and brain function as well. All those players who didn’t play bingo did not improve at all during the study. The most appealing point worth penning was that older people tended to go one better than younger study participants in some of the tests.
Bingo games have grinded the managerial (decision making) dexterity of the participants as well. This is because with each and every game, a player individually must monitor various cards and make decisions constantly. The increased use of the brain develops increased strength.

Let’s halt here for a day and I’ll continue the health benefits tomorrow as well with continuation blog…….

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