Electronic Bingo Serves a Social Cause in Ontario

Electronic Bingo Serves a Social Cause in OntarioIn the age that we live in today, bingo games have become a big source of entertainment and fun. The earlier days, the games worked to a great extent in serving the purpose of charity with the funds collected from the tickets donated towards a noble cause.

Online bingo gaming has however, changed the entire scenario wherein people prefer to stay back at home and enjoy the fun of bingo games rather than crowding at bingo halls. However, the noble cause is still being served at a lot many places.

The introduction of electronic bingo has replaced paper cards with computer terminals has stabilized the industry that has been declining for over a decade as told by tony Bitonti a senior manager of media relations at Ontario Gaming and Lottery.

Recent news states that in Ontario, a non-profit partner merge with bingo operators to work for a social cause. They would provide volunteers to work in bingo halls in exchange for a portion of their revenue.

As per Bitonti, under this model, 30% of cash not spend out in prizes or used for marketing purposes will give the city 3%. And, Ontario Lottery and Gaming each would each receive 25 percent. And, the bingo halls would get 47%. Mary Fragedakis the Ward 29 Councillor said that under this new model, both the city and charities will receive less revenue than they usually do.

In the year 2011, the city received over $600,000 in bingo licenses from 123 charities. And, now according to this model, the city will receive $340,000 as per a report. Fragedakis stated that in a Government Management Committee meeting, she heard the different numbers that charities receive from bingo payouts that generally ranges from 24 to 32 percent. Instead of the propsed 25%, Fragedakis is asking to raise it to a 30%.

She states that “charities do important work, we should do better for them”. Groups like Hellenic Home for the Aged rely on the revenue received from the bingo halls and they were quite happy about the additional prospects of winnings. The CEO of Hellenic Home for the aged said that funding towards charitable causes will enhance their situation and develop new programs.

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