Fun Filled Bingo Halls at Glasglow

Fun Filled Bingo Halls at GlasglowRecent news talked about threatens faced by bingo halls as much as faced by cinemas and dance halls. Especially with the ongoing popularity of the bingo games, it seems so obvious for such things to happen. Bingo games have a special place in the heart of the gamers and the place is so immense that we tend to forget about the origin of the bingo games that is dated back to the 16th century. Even though the bingo play is all about gambling, it is still considered to be one of the most beneficial games.

Mary Portas, in one of her reviews in Britain high streets has called for more bingo halls, for she considered it one of the brilliant options to bring people together for a bit of old fashioned community fun. In UK there are around 500 bingo clubs, but the industry is still struggling, with 10 bingo halls closing down every year. A further 150 bingo halls are considered to be at risk. The Bingo Association also states that the industry is suffering from an inequitable tax system where in bingo games are taxed at a higher rate in comparison to the other gambling games.

Recently, there was a new about the Carlton bingo hall in Patrick across the road from Mansfield Park in Glasgow’s west end, also known as F&F and sometimes just effs. The name dates back to its days when it was a dance hall, managed by the Fyfe brothers from the mid of 1920s until the 1960s. And, since then it has been devoted to bingo gaming. This was considered to be Glasgow’s greatest pleasure palaces. Currently, the lovely deco exterior is completely gone and bingo is now played on the ground floor of an ugly apartment block. A bit of scale and grandeur is still maintained in the inside of the hall. The stage, where once the band performed is still there and is now given over for bingo tables laid out in lines. The room is brightly lit, painted in purple and pink. Around 3,000 people, mostly women play bingo here every week. There is one lady, Izzy who had been coming years whom luck never favoured until 2011, when she won £6,400 in the national regional games. It was a brilliant experience for her, especially winning it just before Christmas.

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