Off to the Bingo Road!

Off to Bingo RoadYou may subtitle this scrupulous article as when a blogger goes off the track, so beware! Sarcasm of course! You all must have noticed that people have become extremely touchy nowadays? So, why it is exactly, is it something with the sun or did the world really end last month, and all of us are living a life in nightmares or you think that you can blame it on social media? It gives a picture that some people and some groups are just looking for an excuse to get offended. If some people are just itching to get offended then just don’t let them go, and don’t allow them getting under your skin.

If you have seen the movie Django, the n-word pops up quite frequently. In addition to that word, Tarantino’s movie’s characters has also preferred to use the word BINGO. So, do you think that he plays bingo, or possibly, he grew up in a family that played bingo regularly? Who cares and who knows as one thing for sure, that it is all about publicity, because controversy is a form of free publicity. Publicity is important but is there nothing else better to do than be offended by a word in a movie? Publicity is something; don’t you have any other choice to be offended by a word in a movie? Please, don’t take me in a wrong direction as technology and social media is a superbly useful and fun tool. Remember one thing that words are a container for authority. So folks, just keep them in check!

There is an idea from my side, and by taking all of the above, just be sure and think for yourself and play bingo games of your choice! There are loads of studies which have been done and they have proved that bingo games help with cognitive development, good for distress, and you may win some attractive prizes. As a normal human being, I do get stressed and so, I played bingo and yeah it worked really well!

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