Online Bingo Statistics (Part 1)

Bingo is one of the most popular games across the planet. It is played in the bingo halls, but the internet bingo is also becoming a sleeper hit and has riveted a humongous number of players. Though US lead the chart of player population, but soon it will be eclipsed by the UK bingo industry.

The online bingo industry is rocking the entire planet. UK, US and Japan, are the biggest hub of this industry. The statistics fluctuate from nation to the nation, but the trend is similar at every corner. Considering the statistic in the UK, the approx value shows 70% are women players and the remaining 30% are men. In other countries, the bingo games are dominated by the female sex. The world statistic reveals the domination of women players much more. It says, the women dominate 80% of the bingo player population. Recent statistics has showed that the online bingo is played by 100 million players across the planet. Among these 100 million players, approximately 50% are the ardent fans of the online bingo games. They are also daily gamers of these games.

The statistics of the age factor is also quite interesting. The same statistical research has revealed that players aged 65 or above over prefer bingo halls. Young blood between 18 and 24 are responsible for the figure 13.75% of all bingo players, those between 25 and 34 make up 15.96%, those between 35 and 49 get the figure 25.26%, those between 50 and 54 make up 5.82%, those between 55 and 64 make up 6.66%, and those above 65 make up the remaining 2.96% of online bingo players. There is a common misconception that Bingo games is only inclined towards women and that also to aged above 35 but it was trampled by 123 Bingo Online. This gambling sites targeted the young audience and this step of theirs was a blockbuster. Active involvement of youngsters is mainly due to the introduction of bingo games on mobile phones. It is a style of dynamic gaming. This website brought romance in this gaming zone as it introduces a perfect blend of socialization and entertainment.

The second part is on the way…..

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