Remarkable Designed Bingo Halls in London

The last decade connected us to the world of online bingo. That is the gambling industry went through a significant transformation with the concept of digital technology coming in and leading to a logical transfer of the historic land based bingo halls to online bingo sites. Gradually, a lot many things are coming in for a change like the players have even changed their ways of playing. Prior to online gaming, bingo halls were noisy, but now halls have become much quieter!

London is the largest city in UK in terms of population and size as well. As per the popularity enjoyed by bingo in the ancient days required a considerable number of bingo halls (to meet the demands of the public). A number bingo halls with splendid architecture were designed as well that revealed the wonderful reflection of some really great architectural ideas. But now, due to the changing nature of bingo, there has been a decline in a lot many good bingo halls. Well, there are certain bingo halls that certainly need to be mentioned as it is one of the architectural jewels in regards to the bingo halls in London. Check out the options mentioned below:

Carlton Cinema, Essex Road, Islington

Carlton Cinema, Essex Road, IslingtonThis bingo hall was opened to public in the year 1930, constructed in a stunning Egyptian design. This building was also used for cinema for more than 40 years. In 1972 its purpose was changed to that of a bingo hall. The building facade consisted of white tiles with subtle bright colours included for variation. The building continued for 35 years and then got shut down in 2007.

Regal/ Granada, Kennington Road, Lambeth

Granada, Kennington Road, LambethThe hall first got opened as Regal Theatre in 1930s. It first got opened in 1932 and then later developed to a bingo hall in 1961. It then ran for 36 years before getting closed down in 1997 and later into apartments.




Clapham Granada, St John’s Hill, ClaphamClapham Granada, St John’s Hill, Clapham

The Clapham Granada started out as cinema before converting into a bingo hall. The cinema got opened in the year 1937 and later on switched over to a bingo hall for the period between 1980 and 1998. This hall was considered to as one of the most lavish bingo halls to have existed in London.

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