Where to Lodge a Bingo Complain?

Where to Lodge a Bingo ComplainIn the previous article, we talked about the initial stages of the complaints, well there are some more to add in this list. There are is one more in the list and it is:

Keeping Records:

Players must ensure to keep a record of their complaint history with the particular bingo company. All your dealings with the bingo company should be recorded and kept with you, like emails, chat logins, live chat etc., (keep all data with you to submit as proof).

Move Forward with your Complaint

The next question is how to move forward with your complaint. And, this is the most important of all. You can proceed via the chat moderator or straight away approach by making a telephone call. Trying via the chat option, you would have noticed that the moderators are quite busy to pay attention to your complaint. Also, at times a chat communication can be misleading due for not being able to communicate effectively.

Writing to the company is also an option. And, this option is generally taken as a serious concern in a lot many industries. A typed letter is a sign of the seriousness of the situation and your intent. Make sure, that you mention your word explicitly in order to make the recipient understand what you want. Ensure that you have ground to stand on. Ensure to read the terms and conditions completely and even understand them, so that later on things do not work out against you.

Only when things do not work out properly with the bingo operator then you need to get in touch with the UK Gambling Commission. They will tell you how to proceed in regards to the position you are at that point of time. And, in case the bingo operators against whom you have a complaint are not registered under the UK Gambling Commission then they may not be in a position to help you out. In case the bingo operator is licensed outside of UK, then you need to contact an overseas body.

Also, one can get associated with the Bingo Players Union. This Union is a group in which there are a group of dedicated volunteers who work in maintaining a neutral environment for site owners, managers, players and guests. Their goal is to provide a platform to promote co-operative effort, assist in resolution, promote fairness of games and help to solve players issues.

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